Donate A Plane

Donate Airplanes, Jets, and Experimental Aircraft Online or Over the Phone. Tax Deductible!

Having trouble trying to sell your aircraft? Why not donate instead?

We make it easy for pilots or fleet owners to donate aircraft anywhere in the world. We accept any type of airplane, corporate jet etc. Feel good knowing you made a difference and claim an appraised value tax deduction. If your airplane just sits in the hangar or has been on the market far too long, consider an aircraft donation today!

Your donation helps us to educate the next generation of aviators through our NEXTGEN Aviators experience.

All aircraft donations receive a fair market tax deduction.

Call us (540) 828-6070 with any questions or choose your aircraft type from the following to start the donation process today!

Donate A Single Engine Prop Plane

Donate an airplane that uses a single engine prop as the primary power source. Tax Deductible

Donate A Twin Engine Prop Plane

Donate aircraft powered by 2 engines as main power source. Tax Deductible.

Donate A Jet Engine Plane

Donate Airplane powered by one or more jet engine turbines. Tax Deductible.

Together, we can use aviation as the spark to profoundly change the way our youth view many skilled trades.