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The purpose of NEXTGEN Aviators is to solve the skilled-trade workforce shortage that exists in the aviation industry and across so many other industries. We will accomplish this by using the excitement of aviation to introduce the next generation of workers to the many STEM and technical skills and career opportunities that exist, and our nation needs filled. By providing them an inspirational experience and connecting them with real resources within their community and state, we will give them the motivation and pathway to find their purpose and join an industry in an exciting and fulfilling career.

The NEXTGEN Aviators experience was created by the team at Dynamic Aviation and the Stoltzfus family. The Stoltzfus family has a four-generation aviation legacy, with a passion for aviation that stems from 85 years of experience. Our guiding principle is to treat others as we wish to be treated. We know when an individual feels accepted and cared for their true self begins to emerge. When an individual attends a NEXTGEN Aviators experience they will see and feel amazing things, their perspective will change, and they will begin to discover their purpose.

NEXTGEN Aviators provide today’s youth with a unique aviation experience. Taking place at local airports, it is designed to introduce, inform, ignite, and inspire young adults into the world of the technical workforce. The NEXTGEN Aviators program provides the next generation with an intriguing introduction to aviation at a pivotal stage of their lives. The participants learn various skillsets throughout the aviation industry, such as design, machining, metalwork, maintenance, electronics, and flight. We give every young person who attends our three-hour program the opportunity to experience a defining moment. A moment showing them they can pursue a career in an industry they choose. The heart of our program is about establishing a relationship with the participants and leading them to a successful career.

The national workforce shortage cannot be solved by one group of people in one area of the country. This is an industry problem and requires a collaborative solution. If we do not unite, we will continue trying to outbid each other with better work environments, higher pay, and elaborate benefits; never addressing the real problem. Five groups have some level of interest in solving this shortage. All are necessary for the solution to be effective. To increase the aviation workforce, the industry needs:

  1. To introduce parents and their children to the career potential that technical jobs hold.High school and post-secondary institutions to introduce their students to aviation and incorporate it into their curricula.
  2. High school and postsecondary institutions to introduce their students to aviation and incorporate it into their curricula.
  3. Local airports to host a NEXTGEN Aviators event to introduce their community to the world of technical careers.
  4. To partner with each other in a collaborative effort to introduce as many people as possible to multiple career paths.
  5. Local businesses to support their community through sponsorship of aviation-related activities.

NEXTGEN Aviators is the solution for the workforce shortage. Partner with us, be a part of a greater cause, and inspire the next generation of aviators. We bring opportunity and growth to those who are unaware it exists. We strengthen families, communities, and cities. We leave a lasting impact on our industry, our country, and the world. Will you join us?

Dynamic Aviation: The Early Years

Dynamic Aviation’s history begins in 1937 with Chris Stoltzfus modifying and operating aircraft for agricultural spraying in Pennsylvania. Chris Stoltzfus was a pioneer crop duster in the northeast. As crop-dusting expanded across America, Chris Stoltzfus taught the newcomer’s crop-dusting techniques. He was also known as a Stearman expert and would willingly give his extensive knowledge to all who needed assistance. He became a trusted source and earned the nickname Mr. Stearman.

In 1967, Chris’s sons, Karl and Ken Stoltzfus, founded K&K Aircraft that would become Dynamic Aviation. In 1975, Karl with his wife Barbara purchased Bridgewater Air Park, in Bridgewater, VA. The first few years were all about making the airport mortgage payment every December. In 1981, Dynamic Aviation won their first Gypsy Moth Spray contract and the business started to grow. In 1992, they won the first sterile insect technique contract, changing the company forever.

Winning its first year-round contract (and maintaining it ever since), Dynamic Aviation soon won their first international year-round contract. These two contracts were tremendously important for the company; they laid the foundation for purchasing 124 Beechcraft airplanes. This purchase allowed for further expansion into additional markets and enables Dynamic Aviation to currently operate from 30 bases in 10 countries across 5 continents.

Dynamic Aviation Today

Dynamic Aviation has a rich history of innovation, quality workmanship, and passion to teach the next generation. This is clear, as the 4th generation is being mentored in the family business.

But this passion and sense of purpose is not reserved just for family members. Countless pilots and mechanics have a story about how Dynamic Aviation’s culture had helped them grow and develop. Pilots fresh from flight school are mentored and coached as they hone their craft and enhance their skills. Apprentice mechanics receive the training and testing they need to earn their certifications. Many can recall and share how working at Dynamic Aviation has impacted their life and career; how they started off learning and performing the hands-on tasks and are now managers, directors, and executives who teach and mentor the next generation of leaders.

Dynamic Aviation has always invested into the lives of people around them: employees, friends, customers, and neighbors. Teaching, developing, and investing in the next generation is simply the right thing to do, and it is something to which we are committed. Passing on knowledge and expertise – this is the Dynamic Aviation way.

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NEXTGEN Aviators

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