About NEXTGEN Aviators

How do we plan on changing the way skilled trades are viewed?

When you bring your students to a NEXTGEN Aviators event, they perform hands-on activities based on real-life applications. As we guide them through a series of experiences encompassing several aviation careers, students will be intrigued by engineering and design. Some will be fascinated by metalworking or electronics. The art of aeronautics will engage others as they fly the simulator or experience the exhilaration of flight for the first time. 

Regardless of which interests your students, all of them are fantastic foundations upon which you can build STEM curricula. NEXTGEN Aviators provide today’s youth with a unique aviation experience. Taking place at local airports, it introduces, informs, ignites, and inspires young adults into the world of the technical workforce. The NEXTGEN Aviators program provides the next generation with an intriguing introduction to aviation at a pivotal stage of their lives. We give every young person who attends our three-hour program the opportunity to experience a defining moment, showing them they can pursue a career in an industry they choose. The heart of our program is about establishing a relationship with the participants and leading them to a successful career. 


To introduce parents and their children to the career potential that technical jobs hold. The purpose of NEXTGEN Aviators is to solve the skilled-trade workforce shortage that exists in the aviation industry and across so many other industries. We are accomplishing this using the excitement of aviation to introduce the next generation of workers to the many STEM and technical skills and career opportunities available. We will give them the motivation and a pathway to find their purpose and join an industry in an exciting and fulfilling career by providing them with an inspirational experience. We connect them with resources within their community and state. The national workforce shortage is not solvable by one group of people. The workforce shortage is an industry problem and requires a collaborative solution. If we do not unite, we will continue trying to outbid each other with better work environments, higher pay, and elaborate benefits; never addressing the real problem. Five groups have some level of interest in solving this shortage. All are necessary for the solution to be effective. To increase the workforce the country needs: 

  1. To introduce parents and their children to the career potential that technical jobs hold.
  2. High school and postsecondary institutions to introduce their students to aviation and incorporate it into their curricula.
  3. Local airports to host a NEXTGEN Aviators event to introduce their community to the world of technical careers.
  4. To partner with each other in a collaborative effort to introduce as many people as possible to multiple career paths.
  5. Local businesses to support their community through sponsorship of aviation-related activities.

NEXTGEN Aviators is the solution for the national workforce shortage. Partner with us, be a part of the cause to inspire the next generation of aviators. We bring opportunity and growth to those who are unaware it exists. We strengthen families, communities, and cities. We leave a lasting impact on our industries, our country, and the world. Will you join us? 

Dynamic Aviation

The NEXTGEN Aviators experience was created by the Dynamic Aviation team and the Stoltzfus family. The Stoltzfus family has a four-generation aviation legacy, with 85 years of aviation experience. Our guiding principle is to treat others as we wish to be treated. We know when an individual feels accepted and cared for their true self begins to emerge. When an individual attends a NEXTGEN Aviators experience they will see and feel amazing things, their perspective will change, and they will begin to discover their purpose. 

Together, we can use aviation as the spark to profoundly change the way our youth view many skilled trades.